We target opportunities that have the potential to provide outperforming returns

Pinnacle Capital is a commercial Real Estate Investment, Development and Management firm with exclusive expertise and focus on investments in the state of Texas

Why commercial real estate?

It is important to invest in more than just stocks and bonds. We help you diversify your portfolio with private real estate assets that historically outperform the market.

Less Volatile



Lower Returns

Commerical Real Estate


Higher Returns

More Volatile

Cash Flowing

Commercial Real Estate has long-term intrinsic value and typically provides cash yield during the investment.

Non-Correlated to Market

Unlike public REITs or equities, private commercial real estate buffers you from market swings.

Tax Efficient

Returns from real estate investments benefit from unique tax advantages relative to other investments.

How is our platform better?

Entry Level Investments


Easy to participate in a hard to access asset class; $25000 minimum investment only.

Delivering results and having loyalty to our members while having transparency for every single member.

Lower Fees

Our technology team is dedicated to optimizing every step of the investing process, improving efficiency, reducing overhead, and lowering fees for our clients.


What do we invest in?

Pinnacle Capital is the premium provider of Texas based commercial real estate investment offerings. We founded Pinnacle Capital to democratize access to investing in commercial real estate and to provide our investor community with a way to diversify their investment portfolios.








How to invest with us.

Getting started is easy and you are in control. Our team will be there to help build a portfolio, from start to finish. Our investors benefit from unprecedented transparency and trusted managers, local high touch experience.

Let us help you build a diversified portfolio.

Review and invest in individual opportunities.

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